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The Biggest Myth About Mixed Breed Dogs

By | source:Here Jun 5th, 2019

Golden retrievers are friendly and kind, chihuahuas are anxious, and pit bulls are scary attack dogs.  Stereotypes exist even among dogs!  Yet a dog’s looks may not be reflective of what’s going on inside, and may not even be the major determinant of a dog’s psychology or personality.

If you’re a dog lover, or even if you’ve just been around dogs in some capacity, it’s likely you’ve heard things like “oh, I love that breed because they’re so friendly!” or “dear, stay away, *that breed* is so aggressive!”.  However, for most dog owners and puppy lovers,  those kinds of statements tend to rub the wrong way. What do looks have  to do with a dog’s personality?!

Dogs are so unique that they can have different personalities and one dog can have different traits as they get older (and wiser!)

In fact, research shows that a dog’s personality can reflect their owner’s.  According to researchers, active and outgoing people tend to have friendly dogs with lots of energy, while anxious or aggressive dogs usually have owners with more negative personality traits.

Dog’s traits aren’t set in stone. Just like people, they can learn to behave differently. Just like their owners, pups are complex beings that need understanding and love to really blossom.

If you’re still not convinced here’s the science-backed explanation for a dog’s personality. Enjoy!