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How To Use Chopsticks Without Embarrassing Yourself

By | source:Here Aug 2nd, 2018

Though chopsticks are some of the simplest utensils known to man, there are still many rules that dictate proper etiquette. Today’s infographic shows you the chopstick no-no’s so you can eat the proper way the next time you’re at a sushi restaurant.

I’ve used chopsticks at home my whole life, and I’m still guilty of some of the blunders found on this infographic. I should note that my family is Chinese and we’re discussing Japanese chopstick etiquette, but many of these rules seem like common courtesy anyway.

One faux pas I am especially guilty of is rummaging through food with my chopsticks. Though etiquette says you shouldn’t dig for food you like, I almost always pick around my plate.

Another thing to avoid is resting your chopsticks on your bowl or leaving them upright. Resting chopsticks signals that you are done eating, while chopsticks are left up in a dish if it’s being served to someone who is close to death. Even though you may be full, make sure you don’t leave your chopsticks upright – and only rest them when you’re sure you won’t eat anything else.

After reading this infographic and learning more about chopstick manners, you can be confident in using chopsticks wherever you go. If you want to learn more about dining etiquette of cultures around the world, check out our link here.