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Coffee and the Global Economy

By | source: Dec 2nd, 2010

With finals coming up in less than a week there is one thing I know I will be stocking up on: coffee. Coffee, the original energy drink, remains my favorite beverage for getting energy early in the morning. Rather than being fizzy and just flat out expensive, it is warm, smooth, can be brewed at home, and best of all, smells amazing. Whether you like the taste of coffee, or find it disgusting, there is one thing we can all agree on: coffee smells delicious.

Other than having that heavenly smell, recent studies show that coffee may actually help to prevent cancer. However, keep in mind that this is like red wine, having the right amount is good for you, while having too much may actually cause more harm than good. Suddenly, coffee just became that much more appealing; something that tastes good, smells good, and has health benefits? What more could this caffeine packed product provide?

Coffee is much more than a wonderful drink that provides health benefits, it also has a big part in the global economy. According to this infographic, coffee has proven to be a reliable natural resource which easily meets its demand while steadily increasing in value. Although this is very appealing, please remember that international trade is a slippery slope and not all nations are treated fairly. Nations with rich natural resources tend to be exploited by superpowers and as a result are forced to only focus on one crop and remain in poverty. It may be a bit more expensive, but fair-trade coffee insures that countries are being paid for the true value of their product. [via]