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US’s 100 Most Expensive Colleges

By | source:Here Oct 17th, 2020

In 2020, a college education is quite important. Thus, it is great to be informed on what tuition is looking like for colleges throughout the United States.

Today’s infographic, presented by TitleMax, looks at the top 100 highest-rated universities in the United States and ranks them based on how much their tuition is. This infographic can truly help you find the best bang for your buck.

The study showed that Columbia University is the most expensive university in the United States. It has the most expensive tuition for both national universities and liberal arts colleges, checking in at $61,850. This beats out the second-place University of Chicago by $2,552. This is likely the case due to both its prestige and location, as it is an excellent campus in the middle of Manhattan in the notoriously expensive New York City.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Brigham Young University – Provo, which is the least expensive private college in the United States. The tuition is only $5,790, which is minute compared to some of these other colleges listed. Other affordable schools in the top 100 include Florida State University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Iowa.

While college is not necessary for success, it’s still an excellent option post-high-school and hopefully, today’s infographic helps you find a more affordable option for post-secondary education.