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Cybersecurity: The $6 Trillion Problem

By | source:Here Jul 25th, 2017

When I hear about cybersecurity breaches, I’m no longer surprised.  Sometimes we don’t even find out until years later,  like when 1 billion yahoo accounts were compromised.  I doubt everyone’s heard of the biggest hacks in 2017 or made an effort to change anything.  It’s sometimes easy to think that somehow these hacks only affect massive corporations won’t trickle down to smaller players.

As more of our personal information goes online, it becomes even likelier that we will be personally affected by some type of hack.  Recently there have been high profile cases of phishing email schemes, where attackers send a credible looking email to you and encourage you to click on a bad link.

It may also surprise you to find that accessing public wifi can lead to your personal information being hacked.  Security experts recommend not accessing sensitive information like bank account information while on public wifi .  When you’re done with the wifi, also be sure to turn it off.  In general a smartphone is most likely to be hacked through unsecure wi-fi.

How much does cyber crime cost us?  It’s estimated that a staggering $6 trillion will be spent every year through 2021, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.  68% of funds lost through cyberattacks are likely not recoverable.

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