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Tips For Taking Technology Time Out

By | source:Here Jan 24th, 2021

Smartphones have taken the world by storm. Almost everyone now has easy access to computing power not possible a few years back. Smartphones are connecting the world like never before…or are they? Technology is a wonderful thing, but sometimes we just need a time-out. Sometimes we need to reach out and spend real live time with ourselves and our loved ones.

Consider the statistics

  • 47% of people who use smartphones in the US say that they couldn’t live without their phones
  • They spend on average 171 minutes on the phone.
  • Smartphones are owned by 81% of Americans
  • Although only 13% of the global population is smartphone connected, that number is growing quickly.

Most of us reach for our phones as soon as we wake in the morning. We use them for reading, browsing, playing, and connecting with friends through social media. Recently, they have become indispensable as half the world was ordered to stay home. But let’s face it, life passes by as we connect with our phones rather than with those around us.

This infographic offers some interesting suggestions on how to spend time enjoying the real things in life. When last did you read a good book, have a deep discussion, or take a walk at sunset? There are so many wholesome activities that we miss out on when we spend all our time on our phones. Try cycling around the neighborhood, packing a picnic lunch, playing a card game, or flying a kite!

Let’s connect with one another and commune with nature. Just leave that phone at home for a while.