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Don’t Be a Traveling Cellphone Jerkwad

By | source:Here Jul 31st, 2015

It’s bad enough if you’re in Japan, not able to communicate and blabbering on in English in the Tokyo subway. If you’re tired of feeling the silent judgement of your foreign companions, check out this handy infographic. And by the way, if you need something to tempt you into finally planning that Europe trip, take a look at this Chocolate Lover’s Travel guide.

I think it’s interesting how many of these countries have some form of “Hello/Allo” as their greeting. In my experience, “Ciao” is used as a goodbye in a lot of European countries.

As always, take generalizations like these with a grain of salt. I’m sure these are good as guidelines, but not hard and fast rules. For instance, American that I am, I wouldn’t hesitate to call a friend after 9 PM, but I probably wouldn’t call a stranger or acquaintance that late. They also need to add “Bueno” to the list of greetings for the U.S.

Are you from any of these places? How accurate is this infographic for your country? Do you have any other good tips for us?