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Effective Motorcycle Safety

By | source:Solomotoparts Jul 21st, 2016

Always look twice for motorcyclists. Having three friends get into accidents on their bikes, I really support today’s infographic. All three of them were practicing safe riding habits, wearing helmets, and protective clothing. None of the three were at fault, none of the three sustained serious injuries. All of them totaled their bike.

I’m so happy they’re all fine, and one of the interesting facts of today’s infographic that caught my eye was that older riders are the ones getting into more fatal crashes than the younger generation. This is very contrary to the past when almost 80% of fatal motorcycle crashes happened to those less than 25 years old. I believe the millennial generation is being smarter, and just happens all of my friends are in that generation.

Read more into the infographic for more safety pointers like riding during holidays. You never know if 2 minutes spent reading today’s graphic will save your life.