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Understanding The Horror Movie Addiction

By | source:Here Jan 31st, 2021

I personally dislike horror movies, but many people like nothing better than to get out the popcorn and take in an adrenalin boosting horror movie. Love them or hate them, horror movies seem to have quite a following. Movies such as Silence of the Lambs, Jaws, Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street, and (of course) the horrors of Stephen King have been drawing audiences for years. The mystery and shock of these movies attract both young and old.

This infographic shows the effect that horror movies have on our bodies. Your palms will sweat and your heart starts to race as you respond to the rush of adrenalin. So why are people so drawn to this genre of entertainment?

In part, people’s attraction to scary movies is driven by the physiological changes that the fear brings about because once the movie ends, the arousal remains for some time. Though we may not be aware of this, it heightens our emotions, and we will remember the fun that we had with our friends just after. This alone will keep us coming back for more.

Horror movies allow people to flirt with danger in a controlled environment. Science suggests that there are some benefits for the people who enjoy the adrenalin rush of a horror movie. The thrill of the movie may help the watcher to relieve some of their own stress and tension. We’re all wired differently, and while some may find the rush of a scary movie irresistible, others steer well away from the rush – much like a roller coaster ride.