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Easy Ways To Patch The Productivity Gap

By | source:Here May 8th, 2020

For generations, business owners and managers have tried everything in order to increase the productivity of their workers–everything besides a better wage, that is. Managers often try including incentives, motivation, bonuses, and so on, but while all these factors can contribute to getting the most out of the workforce, job engagement has turned out to be a much more effective way to do so.

Contrary to the usual way that involved your boss yelling at you to do that thing they hired you for, job engagement comes when managers get the best out of their employees by simply making them feel like they matter. This helps to make them realize how and why the job they perform is important for that business, which comes from things like having a positive job environment, and (why not?) having a wage that compensates that effort.

In a way, job engagement is a way to make workers enjoy their job. It helps them feel pleased to perform an activity just for the sake of being helpful or feel grateful to have a job where they feel appreciated instead of like a cog that can be replaced at any given time.

So this infographic is for everyone: for a boss or a manager to understand better ways to make their workers be more productive, as well as for all workers out there so that they can learn how to identify when a job is providing the correct feedback. Ultimately, it helps you figure out if that nagging feeling you get when you drag yourself to work is actually trying to tell you something.