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Surprisingly Eco-Friendly US Cities

By | source:Here Jan 12th, 2020

The United States has seen various renewed efforts among individuals trying their best to create a more eco-friendly country. But which state ranks the highest in this age of climate debate and sustainability movements?

The term ‘green’ is not necessarily used to describe the color of a country. Instead, it is a reflection of a location’s ecosystem and whether it is being properly maintained. In this case, The United States is being judged by the scarcity of external factors that can be damaging to the environment and the increased usage of sustainable materials.

For example, a carbon footprint is the measure of carbon particles emitted into the air through the usage of fossil fuels. This, in turn, spurs the greenhouse gas effect, enclosing and building up temperatures to reach ever sweltering heights. Components such as overconsumption, deforestation, and waste disposal issues, are just some of the factors that influence climate change.

Using these measurements, Cleveland, Ohio falls at the bottom of the list, being one of the least environmentally-friendly cities in the United States. On the sunnier spectrum of things, climate awareness is being spread throughout nations, and individuals are becoming more conscientious when it comes to taking care of our planet. Just look at San Diego, who is the commendable city that takes the prize for the most eco-friendly of all.

A variety of solutions can be found to improve the state of a community. One does not need to be a superhero to harness the sun’s powers, for that can be achieved by the use of Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) technology by converting sunlight into direct electricity with the use of semiconductors found within the PV cell.

With reduced energy, less waste, and a healthier treatment to the Earth, major improvements may be seen and can lead to us having a greener planet.