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10 Animals That Disappeared In The Last 20 Years

By | source:Here May 3rd, 2021

This is quite possibly the saddest infographic that I have ever found. It shows some of the beautiful, diverse creatures that will never roam this earth again. These lovely creatures have disappeared from the land, sea, or air–all of them gone because of the actions of man.

There have been five extinction events on earth and the sixth is underway. This will be the first caused by humans.

So how can we stop the destruction and preserve the huge bio-diversity present on earth? One of the first steps must be the protection of habitat. Protected reserves help to ensure that animals are able to breed and feed their young. It shelters and preserves the entire ecosystem.

Eco-systems require balance and the disappearance of just one species can cause the rest of the system to fail. Currently, we protect just 15% of the land and 4% of our oceans. This is not nearly enough.

Illegal trafficking of wild animals is a cause for grave concern. Pangolin meat, rhino horn, and elephant ivory fetch exorbitant prices on black markets. This has resulted in highly organized syndicated gangs who have all but wiped out some of the world’s most iconic creatures.

Lastly, we must stop burning fossil fuels. Climate change is devastating parts of the earth, killing coral reefs and destroying the icy homes of the animals who live in the arctic circles.

More than 500 species of land vertebrates have disappeared over the last 100 years. Many more animals will join those that have gone. Man has brought this about, and only man can make it right