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Facebook’s Master Plan And What It Means For You

By | source:Here Jul 4th, 2017

Facebook has an incredible reach.  As a typical user, I can tell you I have trouble not checking Facebook at least once (or maybe several times a day).  Facebook sure has my attention.

Given the rise and fall of tech giants, 10 years is an eternity.  In 10 years what will Facebook be like?  Mark Zuckerberg (there is no need to introduce this guy) has already presented Facebook`s 10-year master plan.

Already live for the last year are a number of exciting technologies like profile expression kits, Facebook surround 360, and messenger bots.  Messenger bots have been said to be able to generate 88% open rates and 56% click thru rates for you internet marketers out there.

The Save button has been a personal favorite of mine.  I’ve found an incredible amount of useful (ok at the very least time consuming) groups for information.

Facebook is all about connectivity. They want to enable the internet in every part of the world so that everyone can be connected to it. A noble goal, and another way to extend the reach of Facebook to all corners of the earth!