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The World Internet Usage

By | source: Nov 6th, 2014

The world is large, y’all. And there’s a bunch of people in it. And several of those people, especially those of you reading this right now, use the Internet. It’s amazing that so many people can be connected by the Internet. I mean, I’m not physically connected to you, but you are reading this right now, and we are connected in that way. These are my thoughts, my words, on your computer screen. You are reading them, and my thoughts, my words, are becoming yours. We are one. Now join me, as I guide us through a traditional Zen meditation, followed by a chakra engagement through common yoga forms.

Jk. Jk.

But it is amazing how much closer the Internet brings us. There are facets of the World Wide Web that you will never know about. But there is even more knowledge about the world and the universe as a whole that you would have never encountered had the Internet not made it accessible to you. We are living in the information age. And every time you post on Facebook, you are reaching more people than just those on your friends list. And it is constantly affecting everything.

I apologize that this post just turned into an unstoppable thought train, barreling through the explosiveness of realization, but the Internet is just mind-blowing. Take a look at this infographic and see just how many people are connected.

[Source: Commander]