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The Winter Blues

By | source: Nov 5th, 2014

Ever had a case of the winter blues? Seasonal affective disorder, or more commonly termed “the Winter Blues,” is a variant form of depression occurring most commonly throughout the late fall months and into the heart of winter. Estimated to affect nearly 10 million Americans annually, seasonal affective disorder may prevent you or a loved one from getting as much enjoyment out of life as you would like during the cold winter months.

Although SAD is not considered as serious of a psychological disorder as the drastic spike in chronic depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders, it is still a combatant to natural happiness in human beings that should be addressed. The jury is still out on the exact causes of this psychological mood disorder, but most trace its origins to decreased exposure to sunlight and an increase in colder temperatures. As a result, psychiatrists are recommending those who suffer from SAD to try out “light therapy” as a natural remedy to their ailments. There are numerous light therapy device options, with the most common being SAD lamps or light boxes that require you to sit in front for nearly 60 minutes, on a daily basis.

The most innovative light therapy option may in fact be Re-Timer’s new wearable light device. Emitting a UV-free green light capable of a 506 lux max setting, and a daily required use of only 30 minutes, Re-Timer offers consumers a convenient, portable solution to seasonal depression. Additionally, Re-Timer and other light therapy options provide depressed Americans with an alternative to anti-psychotic drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Xanax, which are becoming more and more commonly prescribed. Check out today’s infographic for more details on Re-Timer’s innovative new product.