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Family and Medical Leave Act 101

By | source: Mar 29th, 2013

Here is something you didn’t know: 62% of working Americans at a FMLA covered employeer qualify for 12 weeks of unpaid FMLA leave. 62% of FMLA covered working Americans also do not know about FMLA leave. Of course we’ve all heard of maternity leave, but most employees are covered under many different circumstances including personal and family health problems, caring for young children, family deaths and military leave.

America is a working society. We don’t work nine to five. We work until the job is done, especially since the recession. Many other countries like Australia have very strict labor laws, and when the clock hits five they’re done. We Yankees should take note: work isn’t everything.

The big problem is the ‘unpaid’ part of it all. Almost 80% of qualified citizens wont take FMLA leave because they straight up can’t afford it. Maybe its good these people don’t take leave, there are almost 1000 cases annually of FMLA violations by employers. The biggest culprit is outright termination. Think you’re protected by the FMLA law to take care of your sick mother? Too bad, you’re fired.

Out of almost 2000 cases of wrongful termination or discrimination under FMLA a year, half are dismissed. Bet you’re not so keen on that sick leave now are you? The Family and Medical Leave Act has helped millions over the years, but now at over twenty years old it may need another look.