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Feel The Burn: A Caloric Breakdown

By | source: Mar 29th, 2013

Oh God, I have some bad news. My diet of dark chocolate and cashews carries more calories than fried chicken. Don’t worry, switching to fried chicken wont be a problem! Seriously though, the human body does not require many calories to function, yet we can consume 138 times more calories than we can burn.

Americans have been having weight problems the last few decades. Fast food is on every corner and greasy, fried, cheese coated delectables are can be found on a ‘dollar menu’. I went to Burger King for the first time in years this week. First off there is no ‘small’ option. If you want a soda, the ‘medium’ is 22 entire ounces. I hope you’re not still wondering what’s wrong with the fast food industry.

Looking to increase your metabolic activity? Look no further. The liquid gold that runs out of your faucet is your number one friend. Drink water! Lots of water. They say 8 cups a day, I know you don’t do that. Some other interesting calorie burners include spicy foods and chewing gum. Now those are some healthy habits I can get into. [Via QuickQuid]