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Film Industry by the Numbers

By | source: Oct 27th, 2010

A  theater near my house, in the last year or so, raised their ticket prices to over $10 a ticket. This is bull. I’m going to name things I can buy with ten dollars that is better than going to one of Hollywood’s crappy assembly line feature films.

Water Balloons, 150 Glowsticks from Michael’s, deck of playing cards, coloring books, CDs, sponsor a child for 10 days, buy thousands of toothpicks and replant them, one month of netflix, a nick cage, the avenging unicorn, a year’s supply of toothbrushes, a wrestling mask (may have to haggle on this one) and finally, a disney mermaid costume (good condition!).

There are endless amounts of fun you could be capable of having with ten dollars, if only you didn’t go see the 15th SAW that just came out. (Spoiler: the same thing happens, again.) The movie industry is one of the only industries that didn’t suffer much from the economic recession, but of course that was their reason for raising ticket prices? I always sneak candy in the movie theater, why pay their outrageous prices when I can get a huge pack of sour patch kids for half the cost?

In Austin we have an IMAX theater, and it is $10 for a movie.  They usually have some of the big releases. The massive screen isn’t the only plus, last time I was there they didn’t charge extra for a 3D movie. My regular theater charges twelve bucks for a 3D film. Rip-off.

Sneak into theaters, download illegally, stop Hollywood from tearing money out of our pockets. Or is it our fault for agreeing to pay this much?