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Home Sweet Home – A Realistic Guide To Colonizing Mars

By | source:Here Dec 2nd, 2020

Mars, the Red Planet, has fascinated humans for centuries. Never before have we been closer to colonizing Mars than we are today, and there may be greater incentives to do so since we’ve inflicted so much damage on our own environment.

This infographic offers a clear idea of what we’ll need to do to make the planet habitable. Even with all of these processes, there are still a number of problems that must be overcome before we set up home on Mars.

A round trip to Mars takes around two years. The planet is 140 million miles away. Manned missions to Mars are unlikely to take place until the 2030s. In the meantime, robots have helped us to better understand the surface conditions on Mars.

NASA is planning a mission to the moon in 2024. The aim of the mission is to test the technologies that they require for a manned mission to Mars. Technologies will include a machine that will produce Oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere. They will also test all new terrain navigating and landing technologies.

All of this suggests that we may see people colonizing the red planet in the not so far distant future. Would you take up such an adventure? I, for one, have no plans to leave our Blue Planet.