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[flowchart] Which Programming Language Should I learn First?

By | source:imgur Jun 16th, 2015

I’ll be frank with you: I can’t code. Ok yes, html, but let’s get serious; learning a real programming language is such a boon to one’s portfolio. Even being somewhat amateur or programming for a hobby can be extreamly beneficial.

Although today’s flowchart seems to have an assortment of avenues for language selection, I believe there are two types of beginner coders: those who want to explore a programming language for knowledges’ sake, and those who want to make a certain idea of theirs come to life.

Today’s graphic actually does a good job with language selection. Essentially if you just have a general interest in learning the concept of programming with a more general application you’ve gotta go with python. When you’re trying to create a specific idea through coding the selection process becomes more difficult. Are you interested in creating video games, iOS apps, Android?

The magnificent part of today’s flowchart is the Lord of the Rings comparison at the bottom. If one thing is for certain it is that every person interested in learning a programming language can relate to the LotR metaphors listed below.