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Sugar: America’s Addiction [infographic]

By | source:fawesome ifood tv Jun 17th, 2015

Summer is here and there is sugar everywhere you look. The brownies, cookies, and pastries that your daughter or son baked look too good to overlook. The birthday cakes look too delicious to pass on by and not go for seconds. Cocktails, beer, sodas, and even coffee has some sugar in them. This infographic shows how much sugar of several items we eat and drink.

You just cannot outrun sugar, it is in almost everything we consume. We are not too concerned to go out of our way and avoid it either because we like it. It becomes an addiction that we cannot control. This addiction is very dangerous because it affects our health in the long run. Yet we keep on consuming sugar, it is just like a drug and we are completely on the hook. The food industry is not helping us to get out of it either nor are they willing to help.

The object is not to completely eliminate sugar from our diet but to control it. Drink water instead of sodas, eat a fruit instead of a pastry, or cut down the amount of sugar we put into our recipes. We all want to live long healthy lives and understanding what we put into our bodies is the first step.