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Reasons Men Don’t Text Back

By | source:Vixen Daily Jun 18th, 2015

Should I Text Him? Let This Infographic Be Your Guide

“Why did he stop texting me? Why didn’t he text me back? Should I text him?” It’s super easy to get confused about how to text a guy. ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to text a guy you like. What should you say in a text? Should you ask him out or is that too forward? Do you think he got your joke?

Oh god, it’s been 3 hours and he hasn’t responded. What if he hates you? There’s good reasons why texting a guy can be totally nerve-wracking. For one, communicating through texts lends itself to miscommunication. Second, once you send a text, you have to play the waiting game before you hear back. And the longer you wait… the more and more it starts to feel like things have gone totally wrong.

Wouldn’t it be great if texting him was actually EASY? That’s exactly the goal that I set out to accomplish. I surveyed thousands of men about their texting habits when it comes to the women they like – what
they like to read, when they like to get texts, how often they respond… the works!

I gathered all the data, organized and filtered it down into one simple, easy to read graphic that tells you EXACTLY what guys do (and DON’T) like when it comes to texting.

This truly is exactly what men want you to know about texting… (but will never tell you to your face!)