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What Your Cushion Collection Says About You

By | source:Super Amart Australia Jun 19th, 2015

I’ll be honest, my two cushions consist of my parent’s 10 year old IKEA pillows. I’m not ashamed. Like pictured to the left I’m young. The most action they get is a friend’s head after a night on the town.

Would I like more cushions in my life? Of course, but not everyone can get what they want. I’m not worried. I know that when the day comes I’ll have the perfect amount of cushion’s on my couch, but to get to that magic number will be a journey.

I may come into a massive inheritance of cushions leaving my couch overly cluttered with the most unfortunate pillows hastily discarded to the floor. I’ll need to take a step back and adjust, taking in every aspect of my home’s environment to choose the right cushion combination.

First off comes the number of cushions. My couch is almost 8 feet long, should I stick with 4, or have one extra centered in the middle? Next comes design. How will my home decor flow with my chosen cushions? Finally comes the texture of the cushions themselves. Do I need them soft to make room for guests? Or should they be firm in order to facilitate a sleepover?