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Mickey Mouse’s Evolution Through The Years

By | source:Imgur Jun 20th, 2015

Mickey Mouse has captivated adults and children alike for almost 90 years. He is the center point of the Disney corporation and his image will be forever remembered throughout humanity as one of the greatest characters ever created.

In some way almost every generation alive today can say that Mickey, Mini, Pluto and friends has touched their hearts at some point. Although my generation’s Disney experience has been less innocent cartoons and more raunchy Miley Cyrus, I’m old enough to remember one of my first and most influential Disney cartoons: 1995’s A Goofy Movie.

As well as an introduction to Mickey’s cast of friends this movie really hit home with me. A Goofy Movie and The Land Before Time series probably has taken 100’s of hours of my young life.

The best part of the old Disney we’re the morals mixed with entertainment. With the advent of the internet kids now have an endless source of material coupled with the absence of boundaries. Youth will never be the same.