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Flying Cars: Are We There Yet?

By | source:Here Apr 17th, 2017

Is it a bird?  A plane?  A flying car you say?  Growing up watching the Jetsons, I’d always dreamed of my own flying transport.  It’s about as close to teleportation I’ll likely get in this lifetime.

With the advent of ride sharing as well as Google and Tesla’s self driving car technology, this generation is already dreaming big about transport.  Kids may never need to learn how to switch gears or navigate slick roads behind the wheel.

Flying cars have been in the works since the first patent was issued in the 1900s.  The first flying car even managed to make a few hops!  They’ve also managed to build up a roster of crafty names like the Windmill, Waterman Arrowbile, or Airphibian.

How close are we now?  There are a few models slated for delivery over the next few years.  Airbus is testing flying taxis in 2017.   If you want to fly, you’ll need a drivers license and a pilot’s license.

Think about what a lifesaver this could be in cities plagued with endless traffic, where streets and freeways turn into parking lots (that’s you 405 in LA)! Hopefully my private ride awaits, in the car of the future.