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Free Wi-fi, Friend or Foe?

By | source: Jun 4th, 2012

As mobile devices become more and more popular the demand for easy access to wi-fi increases as well. It is already pretty easy to access wi-fi in most places including coffee shops, restaurants, the mechanics, etc. Access to wifi will only become wider spread and easier to access especially when it is predicted 1 in 4 users will have more than one connected device by 2016. Not only is the user base for connected devices growing but traffic is as well, growing 133% in 2011 and predicted to grow another 110% by the end of this year.

While free wi-fi is great it does not necessarily protect you the same way a secure network may. Today’s infographic Free Wi-fi, Friend or Foe? gives us some examples of ways hackers can hijack your accounts and how to ensure your safety when browsing on an open network. One easy way to ensure your security when loggin on to a free public network is to know the exact name of the network. You don’t want to log onto a network someone nearby the coffee shop created giving them total access to personal files. A lot of computers have shared folders that can be accessed by other users on wifi, these sharing features are something that can be turned off to increase security. Make sure and read through today’s infographic, it’s a good one. [via]

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