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Tiktok For Business, Not Just Pleasure

By | source:Here Jun 26th, 2021

There is no doubt that TikTok has taken the social media world by storm. I spend hours scrolling through my For You Page, and this gives me and the billions of other TikTok users worldwide tons of pleasure. 

No global sensation is created overnight, and that includes TikTok. The app has been rising in popularity since its release in 2016, breaking boundaries by being the only app not owned by Facebook to land a spot in the top 5 globally downloaded apps. 

As well as giving you a rundown of TikTok as a business, this graphic also gives business owners some crucial information about how to use TikTok to shine a light on their own products and services. From interacting with top influences such as David Dobrik to launching viral hashtag challenges, there are so many ways to use TikTok to share your business with the world. 

So, you want your business to become the shining star of the cultural universe like TikTok has? The best way to beat them is to join them. On top of engaging in the four available methods to pay to have your brand advertised on TikTok, you can take some notes from their personal playbook. The keys to TikTok’s success have been the silly nature of the app, the originality of the app’s content, and the unprecedented rate of user interaction and participation that takes place on the app. Don’t be afraid to use these proven methods to grow your business as well!