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Fun Facts About Candy Corn

By | source:trillioncreative Oct 20th, 2015

Here’s a Candy Corn myth – does it go bad? Today’s infographic does nothing to answer that questions, but in my experience, no Candy Corn has a longer shelf-life than most fall-out shelter foods.

Candy Corn has only been around for about 35 years, so we haven’t seen the extent of its longevity. The candy itself hasn’t changed much during its time on earth. Just three colors and 8 ingredients create this Halloween staple. Although, Halloween isn’t the only holiday Candy Corn graces with its presence. Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and many more holidays take a different three color variation relating to the holiday in question.

Don’t take this infographic as 100% truth. Many different manufacturers make Candy Corn and although many do make them vegetarian, Brach’s the number one supplier of Candy Corn uses Animal Collagen in theirs.

After you eat one Candy Corn and remember how much they suck, you can use the leftovers to bake into cakes or melt into martinis.