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What are The Spookiest Hotels In America?

By | source:Here Oct 30th, 2021

Are you up for some real fun (and screams) this Halloween? Grab some friends and get in the car, because you’re about to have the road trip of a lifetime.Behind their seemingly calm façades, these hotels have a history of ghosts, mysterious sounds and lots of screams. The thrill of being where unexplained things have happened and people have gone *mad* is absolutely refreshing after being trick or treating for so long.

Hear spirits cry from under the bed in Alaska, be awakened in the middle of the night in Florida and see objects flying about when you enter an unoccupied room. Looking for a hotel where there has even been levitation involved and paranormal activities?

You might not be as lucky as to actually be transported to the underworld, but you’ll probably have a great time seeing headless shadows in the corners, confronting a silly poltergeist and hear whispers in the hallways. Suffice to say, when going on this trip, better leave kids and sensitive souls at home!

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