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50 Of The US’s Spookiest Urban Legends

By | source:Here Oct 31st, 2020

Urban legends have been around for as long as anyone can remember. People love to hear monstrous explanations for the mysterious things they experience.

Today’s infographic looks at urban legends from each of the 50 states in the USA. Some of these urban legends can be a bit silly or outlandish while others are terrifying, with some even being based on true stories. I’ll highlight some of the standouts.

One of the most intriguing urban legends comes from the most populous state, California. California is said to be home to “The Dark Watchers”–featureless black silhouettes often with brimmed hats or walking sticks. They stare down travelers during twilight and dawn in the Santa Lucia Mountains and are not to be addressed or acknowledged.

Another urban legend that is quite popular is the Wendigo from Minnesota. This is one of the oldest legendary monsters and dates back to the folklore of Native Americans. They are stated to be 15-foot-tall shape-shifting creatures that prey on all other wildlife in the forest. If one resorts to cannibalism, then they are stated to become one too.

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