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45 Mythical Creatures From Around the World

By | source:Here Dec 2nd, 2017

When was the last time you ran into a monster, ghost, witches, or other mythical creatures?

Although they may not be real, they can still inspire fear. The thought of one might be lurking around the next corner surely has scared everyone at least once. Some believe it’s because we like to feel scared, or that it’s in human nature to believe that monsters exist.

But one thing for sure: Cultures from around the world and throughout the time have been telling tales of monstrosities since the dawn of time. While some stories are made up and told to children to scare them into obedience, others defy explanation.

These terrifying tales often feature grotesque and disturbing creatures that gnaw at our instinctive fears. They are influenced by mythology, religion, political events, social currents, environmental factors, and more.

In this infographic, it looks like Japan is the land of creatures – of the 45 monsters, 7 belongs to Japan. Come in the second place is Greece with 4 monsters.

Didn’t find any that impress you?  Maybe this anthology of mythical creatures will.