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The Future Of Work After Covid

By | source:Here Aug 28th, 2021

As we’re still slowly rising back up from all the health, cultural, and social repercussions of the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve all have come to terms that many things are about to change in most social iterations; the workplace is surely going to be one of the most heavily impacted.

Let’s not toy this around; Covid is not causing this change, it only accelerated the need for change on how we normally do things and made us wonder if everything has to be the way it is, just because it has always been like that!

This infographic provides a simpler glimpse at how many jobs are meant for change as we go back to a new normal, where different industries will try to reduce the need of people working in close proximity both between each other and their customers, reducing the chances of spreading this as well as further infections, and reducing costs, and minimizing the need of manual labor in favor of more specialized occupations.

For example, remote work was—before the pandemic—seen as a very unconventional way of working, these days, businesses would have to make a good argument why they would need to enclose office workers back in their cubicles, and going digital was previously seen just—you know—hip and cool, but this last year online sales saw an increase of up to 500% in digital sales.

Things are probably not going to change back to how it was, and it’s not something worth being alarmed about, but will be change to embrace