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How to Use Social Media Trends to Grow Your Business

By | source:Here Aug 27th, 2021

Social media isn’t just a distraction from your business opportunities– it’s a chance to grow them. This infographic details six current social media trends that will impact the business world. 

While the social media landscape is constantly evolving, professionals must stay on top of the trends in order to maximize the amazing resources that social networking sites can be.

Have you ever sent a snapchat to your grandma? Ten years ago I would have chuckled at the idea, but now Mimi has an Iphone and uses the same apps that I do. People 55 and up are getting more social media savvy everyday. This means that social media strategies need to stray from their traditional goal of appealing to teens and young adults, and diversify to portray the interests of all people. In order to maximize your money, you have to think not just about how you use social media, but how other groups of people use it as well. 

So, maybe instead of telling your employees to get off of their phones, you could benefit by asking them which apps they’re on, and how they use them. The ever-growing world of social media won’t slow down for anyone, but you can grow with it if you pay attention to the trends.