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Greenest Ways to Get Around

By | source: Feb 19th, 2014

Hi all, my name is Dillon. This is my first post for Daily Infographic. I’m currently a senior at Texas State University, studying Urban Planning and its related branches, full of both soft AND hard sciences.

I thought I’d include this kind of introduction, as this past Tuesday (January 28th) a pivotal Planning & Zoning meeting will take place at San Marcos’ City Hall. A major change to the downtown core’s character is underway, where a proposed 9-story building will alter the urban skyline. This stepping-stone development is the front-running building project to request a height-limit warrant (a process used to ask for adding to a building’s number of stories, if it exceeds a level determined by a city’s development code).

This mixed-use development follows design standards encouraging denser living within downtown areas. This style of land-use promotes a pedestrian-focused lifestyle, making it more feasible for residents to walk, bicycle, or use public transit to travel throughout urban environments. Denser patterns of development are thought to alleviate the automobile-centric way of life that has evolved over 40 years. This kind of living, once it reestablishes itself as the standard of development, could do a lot to curb the negative effects of a car-driven society. The infographic below presents statistics campaigning for re-urbanization.