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Have You Been Catfished?

By | source: Apr 28th, 2013

As the cliche goes, love is pain. We put ourselves through obstacle courses of pain and humiliation, in the hopes of finding that special someone. We let people into our lives when we’re at our most vulnerable, and most susceptible to emotional destruction. In the age of the internet, flirting, dating, hooking-up, and whatever else you’re into, has become easier to do than ever before. Sadly, dishonesty runs rampant on the pages of internet dating profiles. We’re all connected in ways that we never imagined possible, but we still have keep our guard up.

Today’s infographic warns us of the dangers of the internet scam known as “catfishing.” Every year millions of honest people are led to believe that they’ve met the love of their lives on internet dating websites. In the catfishing con, these hopeful individuals eventually discover that their significant other isn’t actually who they say they are, and they find themselves duped into spending thousands of dollars on a fictional person.

Loneliness is a soul-sucking emotion that many people will do anything to avoid. But when it comes to meeting people online, it is important to keep asking questions in order to avoid heartache, or a drained bank account.

Don’t take the catfishers’ bait and get hooked on a relationship that isn’t real. Read today’s infographic to stay safe in the world of internet dating, and avoid the bad fish in the sea. [Instant Checkmate]