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Exercise For Health And Happiness

By | source:Help Mar 28th, 2021

Exercise releases endorphins – the feel-good hormone that gives you energy, wakes you up, and makes you feel so much happier. That elevated mood is not just short-term either but a longer-term effect. Exercise is credited with reducing stress and anxiety, it also helps to alleviate depression. This infographic gives you a good idea of why exercise is such an effective path to happiness.

Running is an inexpensive way to exercise–no gym fees, no transport costs, all you need is a good pair of shoes. When you run you enjoy time alone, time to think, and plan ahead. Free from technology, this is your time to relish time in your head. However, running is also a sociable sport and you’re likely to meet and greet other runners on the same daily mission.

Running improves your physical condition so you’ll feel stronger and in a better form. Running, like any exercise, will help you to get a good night’s sleep. It will increase your metabolism and help you to lose that excess weight, giving you the confidence to face the day’s challenges.

So, if you haven’t yet hit the road, it’s time you invested in a pair of good running shoes and discovered for yourself just what a “running high” is all about.