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The Impact Running Has On Your Body

By | source:Here Sep 2nd, 2018

Ever wondered if the phrase “runner’s high” was a real thing? Science proves running changes your body. The most significant impact running has on the body is the physical gain. For example, running strengthens your heart. When you run, oxygen pumps through the heart faster and more efficiently than before. Running increases endurance levels and energy. Plus it boosts your metabolism, so you keep burning calories even when you’re standing still. Running can result in weight loss and stronger legs.

Mental health improves with running as well. We know that active people tend to be more optimistic. This positive attitude helps runners better handle stress. Research shows that runners also have a sharper mind to stave off dementia and even get better sleep!

Running can take a physical toll at times. You can get aching knees if you run too much. The kneecap becomes irritated leading to sharp pains. Others face issues with their toes. However, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Running is a great way to age gracefully. Running changes the body and you’ll notice improvements in no time. Want to learn more about running? Here are some more fun facts about the exercise.