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Healthy Food Subs (That You’ll Actually Enjoy)

By | source:Here Jan 22nd, 2020

Diets are not easy. This seems obvious, and yet too few people delve into the actual difficulty of eating healthy: what is it about our brains (or our society) that makes it so hard to stick to food that’s good for us and that won’t make us less healthy? One tricky part of dieting is giving up foods that we love, but replacing them with healthy options can make the process less arduous.

Every year, a billion New Year’s resolutions about healthy eating get made, and every year, nearly a billion of them get quickly broken. Sticking to a diet is hard. So why make it harder on yourself by cutting out every food that brings you joy? Instead, consider some healthy substitutions that–while not as delicious as the real thing–can help you re-wire your brain.

Depending on which diet you’re following, different snacks could be in or out. For example, keto dieters can replace candy with coconut-blueberry gummies, while paleo devotees could replace candy with homemade fruit snacks instead. Similarly, the Mediterranean diet would allow roasted nuts for a salty snack, while Whole30 would suggest pizza kale chips. The key is to find what works for you…and stick with it!