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How Herbs Improve Your Health

By | source:Fairmont Jun 10th, 2017

Somehow when I cook, my dishes always end up tasting very similar.  Chicken marinade, salmon marinade – the ingredients don’t change much and I just hope my family doesn’t notice.

Blame it on the paltry array of sauces and spices I’m familiar with.  My family didn’t use herbs heavily, so my exposure really began in adulthood as I started cooking for myself and raising a family.

Not only can herbs make food more interesting and flavorful, it turns out they come with a number of added benefits.  Case of bad breath? Dill seeds and leaves actually function as mouth fresheners.  Interestingly one tablespoon of dill seeds has more calcium than 1/3rd cup of milk, great for the lactose intolerant and anyone trying to limit dairy intake.

Chives, which are not green onions, have a distinct flavor and actually go quite well with scrambled eggs.  Basil tends to be a house favorite, fragrant and even boasting anti-inflammatory, cortisol (stress hormone)reducing, anti-ageing properties.

Take note of the best storage methods for these herbs, so you don’t find them wilting in the refrigerator after a day.  Looking to really pack some power into your meals?  These herbs can be paired with a few of the ten foods that help build muscle.