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History of the Internet:1969-2012

By | source: Jan 20th, 2013

This weekâ??s infographic comes from one of our partner websites, The infographic focuses on major viruses and major steps the Internet has taken to arrive where it is today. The Internet is something us kids these days take for granted. Take a look at this and become enlightened on the major strides people and companies took to provide everyone with an abundance of information!

My mother, being the expert on this issue, informed me that the network created by the U.S. Science Foundation in which it was possible to â??link existing university supercomputer networksâ? was a big deal. This new form of communication between universities allowed for information and research to be shared. Yay learning! She also let me know how groundbreaking the publication of information for anonymous use (HTML) was, which Tim Berners-Lee created.

When I was busy chattinâ?? it up on AIM in my middle school years, I never contemplated how talking to one instantly over the Internet was possible. This infographic brings us to a new level of awareness as it addresses the progression of the Internet. It is important that we do not treat it as an assumed luxury; however, it is incredibly difficult not to. Let us have a great Sunday and be thankful for what we have! []