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Online Tracking 101: Who’s Watching You?

By | source: Jan 19th, 2013

Big Brother is at it again you guys, and in 2013 it is worse than ever. New technology means tracking user habits and preferences has become even easier. Of course we all know Facebook will sell our soul to Russia and we seem okay with it, but your privacy is invaded way more than you think.

Travel sites and online shops will raise the price on items if you visit the site, or search for the item often. It is always better to delete your cookies or use an ‘incognito mode’ when shopping online to guarantee the lowest price.

Google, the company we all know and love knows more about you than your mom. Medical problems, credit scores, religious, political and sexual beliefs are just a few things Google knows about you. Online privacy is a hot-button issue, but like many issues facing the younger generation the current political elite tend to ignore. My state representative and head of The House Science, Space and Technology Committee, Lamar Smith, has a lot of decision making power over the internet and has proposed the privacy killing bill SOPA along with a staunch anti-web voting record.

The older generation needs to realize that the internet isn’t going anywhere, and protecting its natural state is incredibly important. [Via]