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How Much Do We Really Recycle?

By | source: Jan 3rd, 2011

Happy first Monday of the year! I hope everybody enjoyed their New Years celebrations. It may be hard to be getting back to work, but at least you have a new infographic to read! With all of your New Years resolutions, hopefully at least one of them includes some sort of resolution to be more Earth friendly. Today’s infographic is one that illustrates our “throw away culture.”

In this infographic we see something that many people don’t know- televisions are recyclable. For the most part, almost everything we own can be recycled. This is something not many people know; I never knew televisions could be recycled. In fact, 96% of an old television can be used towards making a new one. Recycling also has benefits beyond the products it produces, recycling saves on energy too. For example, a recycled aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for up to three hours. Recycling is one small step we can take towards saving a planet to which we have already done serious damage.

According to this infographic, the average person throws away around seven and a half times their body weight per year. In an attempt to make my personal damage smaller, I make sure to recycle as often as possible. However, recycling is not always easy. Unfortunately several apartment complexes and public places do not offer recycling bins, but I make sure to save my recyclables until I am able to get to a bin. Though it isn’t much, at least I’m not just throwing away perfectly good recyclables. [via]

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