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How to Avoid Hidden Costs While Traveling

By | source:Here Nov 18th, 2017

Bags are packed and you’re ready to go: boarding passes are printed out, hotels are booked, travel guides are bought and marked, budget was carefully crafted to last the entire trip and the only thing left is calling an taxi to take you to the airport.  Well, not so fast! If you’re like most of us, money and budgeting are keys when taking a big overseas trip, and you need to be aware of where every single penny is going before going through your entire savings.

Did you know you could spend over twice the price on souvenirs if you’re too shy to haggle in the markets? Or that a bulky carry-on could cost even more than what you paid for the entire flight?

ATM fees are brutal abroad, you probably haven’t read up on what your bank policy is on currency exchange? Some cards charge an extra foreign transaction fee.  Do your research and avoid hidden costs when traveling, or take the easier route and just take a look at this infographic: you’ll be ready to go on adventure!