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How To Get A Promotion Without Working Longer Hours

By | source:Here Nov 17th, 2016

So you’re looking for a way to make some more money with the holidays running in. Have no fear: Here’s how to ask for a promotion without committing to working hellish hours.

Thanks to the team at CashNetUSA, we have some brilliant advice about how to get recognized and further your career without making a ton of changes to your current schedule.

Figure out who recently got promoted at your company, and look for what those people have in common. You’ll be able to find out what qualities your company places more emphasis on and work on building those in yourself.

Also, build rapport with your coworkers and spend more time with your boss. When you’re a team player, people are more likely to hear you out.

Surprisingly, performing well is only 10 percent of the equation when it comes to getting a promotion. How others perceive you and how aware others are of you have a bigger impact on your professional standing.

Check out this infographic with tips for negotiating a salary raise. You’ll be a negotiation pro in no time.