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How to Get Over Your Flying Anxiety

By | source:Fly Home LLC Jun 8th, 2015

I will be flying to Europe today. I’ve never traveled internationally before, so this will be the longest I’ve ever been on an airplane. And I’m only slightly nervous.

I’ve flown around the United States several times, and never really had any problem with air travel. In fact, I’ve always loved flying. However, I will be taking this particular voyage alone. (Well, only the there-and-back part.) That factor definitely adds a degree of anxiety.

If you’re nervous about flying too, the infographic shows several things you can do to relieve some of that fear of flying. For one, it’s good to remember statistics are on your side. It’s highly unlikely (almost 100%) your plane will arrive with any incident. Try not to be consumed with thoughts about something going wrong with the plane, and think instead about how much fun you’ll be having soon.

It can also be helpful to try and get as comfortable as possible, and try to relax with something that will distract you from your fear. Talking to someone sitting around you can also help calm you down, and you might even make a new friend!

If all else fails, try taking a nap. Sleeping on planes is one of the best ways to pass the time in the air if you’re feeling anxious. Time flies when you’re asleep.