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How to Spend Smart

By | source: Jul 1st, 2014

Spending money is a heck of a lot easier than saving money. If you’re anything like me, it might be because you spend money a little too frivolously. It doesn’t help that I live in a college town. (Can you say 1 a.m. pizza delivery?) I’ve come to realize that I need to start spending smarter if I have any hopes of paying off my debts.

I’m not alone, though. The average American has $2,200 in credit card debt. Until recently, I was a part of that average. I finally was able to pay off my credit card debts, only to be faced with a massive amount of college debt. In fact, the average debt for a four-year college graduate with student loans is approximately $25,000.

Although the numbers might seem intimidating, it is possible to make small changes to your spending habits to help manage your money for a better financial future. The infographic below provides several things you can try if you want to learn how to spend smart. Based on my recent experiences, knowing how much money is in your accounts is really important. Something else that’s always helped me is transferring money needed for bills out of my primary checking account, so there’s no possible way to spend it. Not all of these tips will help everyone, but trying one or two can’t possibly make your spending habits worse, right?