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How Wild is North America?

By | source: Dec 27th, 2010

Perhaps I’m a little bias, but North America is my favorite of the seven continents. We have beaches, deserts, plains, tundras, we’re so diverse in our landscapes and we experience all of the seasons. If that isn’t enough we have some of the most successful corporations and the best sports teams. All in all North America is great, consisting of the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

I have been to both the United States and Mexico, but I hope to someday visit the beauty that is Canada. According to this infographic, we can thank Canada for much of our natural resources. I personally love nature, being from Austin, Tx where there is great pride taken in keeping nature integrated with the city. There are nature trails all over the city, and the people fight against any sort of construction that interferes with nature. Of course, there is also camping.

Without nature there can be no camping. There is nothing like getting away from the city away from Facebook, the internet, all you have to do is enjoy the day. Nothing to worry about except what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I say camping, I mean in a tent, not in an air conditioned R.V. With that you just stay inside all day, you have to get out and enjoy nature, after all it was here before us and will surely outlast us. If we want to be here as long as possible, I believe we have to learn to live with nature not against it. [via]

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