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How Your Personality Predicts Your Parenting Style

By | source:Here Jan 19th, 2017

Knowing what type of personality we have is pretty popular nowadays. Looking back at my upbringing I notice the effect my parent’s personality had on me. Whether it was how I approached making friends at school, or how what type of discipline worked best.

I was lucky to have extremely understanding parents with the ability to remember their childhood, put themselves in my shoes and treat each situation with a thought-out response. I feel like I’ve been able to learn from how their personality approached issues and I can apply to my life.

Between shuttling kids around in car seats and helping them grow, parenting is not an easy gig. having a greater awareness of different styles might help parents feel more comfortable during the journey

Today’s infographic will go into deep detail on personality types and how they affect the growth of their children, as well as their opinion on having children at all.