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Ice Cream vs Gelato

By | source:My Sous-Vide Life Jun 14th, 2016

The warm weather is upon us northern-hemisphereians which means it is time to start consuming cold, sugary, dairy-based confections.

Imagine this with me – It’s a hot day and you are walking through the park. You come round a clump of manicured bushes and there before you are two little stands on either side of the path, one selling gelato and the other selling ice creams. Obviously, you’re going to get one, but which? What a terrible dilemma.

Of course, you are hot and don’t give a hoot which you get, but once you cool down maybe you start wondering if you made the right choice. As if there could be a wrong choice between ice cream and gelato! But there are differences, and this infographic’s got you covered.

The main differences are that gelato contains less air, less butterfat, and is served at a higher temperature. Some practical differences I’ve found is that gelato tends to come in flavors that ice cream doesn’t and vice-versa. I don’t think I’ve ever seen rocky road gelato, for example.

Speaking of flavors, what’s your favorite frozen treat flavor? Tell us in the comments and see if your choice made Baskin Robbins’ Top Ten list.