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How To Live Long And Prosper

By | source:Here May 28th, 2020

Regardless of whether we want to or not, there will be one day when each of us passes away. While this is inevitable, there are a few tricks to potentially help extend your time here.

Today’s infographic looks at the things that have the greatest influence on your lifespan, whether the effect is good or bad. While some of this is simply common knowledge, like healthy eating increasing your lifespan drastically or alcoholism decreasing your lifespan drastically, there are more ways to expand (or compress) your lifespan than these universal truths.

For instance, research shows men that tend to spend more time with women in their formative years often go on to live longer lives than those who don’t. Another tip for a long lifespan that you may not be aware of is to be polygamous. While surely it’s not for everyone (not for most people, statistically), research shows that men who have more than one wife tend to live 12% longer.

On the flip side, there are a lot of underlying ways to decrease your lifespan as well. For example, we all love our sleep, but sleeping too much can actually decrease your lifespan by about a year or two.

What would these statistics be without drawing major conclusions from them? A major conclusion was reached by this infographic indeed, and the ultimate combination to a long and prosperous life (according to this infographic) is to be a “married happy-go-lucky outdoors-loving sex-mad hippy party-girl in senior management with a cat”.

Surely all of us can’t reach all of these goals, so it’s best to look at the infographic to see which fundamental changes would help us the most!